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* We reserve the right to charge for excessive signals in certain incidents.


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The Stages SGS platform:  Secure, Fast and Flexible

USA uses the Stages SGS Platform.  This automation system takes the art of monitoring to new levels of professionalism.  Action plans lead our operators through a scripted step-by-step process, insuring that your customers get the best monitoring service possible.  Stages is secure and provides a variety of automated services for our installing partners in a redundant environment.  Developed in 2007, USA partnered with Stages and was the first company to deploy this automation system.  SGS has since been adopted by a number of top service providers.  USA continues to work with SGS as new technologies develop.

USA Dealer Web Internet Access

The USA Dealer Web feature provides you with Internet based access to your account information in real-time.  The flexibility of this feature allows access to your customer data from any computer using a password protected login.

With USA Dealer Web access, you will have the ability to:

Dealer webinars are available on request to get the most out of USA Dealer Web.