2021 M2M MQ03-LTE-M-LAN-AV Promo

USA Central Station is offering an AMAZING promotion on M2M Communicators!

For $160 each you get the M2M MQ03-LTE-M-LAN-AV DUAL PATH Multi-band CAT-M1 LTE 700/850/1700/1900/2100 MHz communicator that is 5G ready with LTE-M, and ONE YEAR OF MONITORING & CELL SERVICE INCLUDED!

Dual-SIM on AT&T/Verizon LTE-M networks.

UNIVERSAL PANEL COMPATIBILITY – Dial Capture Interface supporting Contact ID, SIA and Pulse 4+2
UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD for selected panels: DSC, Honeywell and NX series (*Additional monthly fee for unlimited upload/download)
REMOTE ARM/ DISARM/ STAY ARM of multiple partitions via keybus for selected panels
EXCEPTIONAL REDUNDANCY – Dual-path LAN/cellular and dual-SIM AT&T/Verizon (model specific)
ADMIN PORTAL – Online 24/7 device management & real-time status monitoring of all accounts




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  2. After completing the purchase you will be directed to another page to complete another form and agree to the monitoring plan.
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Order an antenna for your radio as well: GSM-ANT3 GSM antenna, 10ft Cable, SMA connector $9.00 + $5 shipping:

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